With input from our network of allies, NC Child creates an annual legislative agenda that promotes the health, safety, education, and economic security of North Carolina’s children.

We pursue this agenda by directly lobbying state legislators, encouraging our supporters to take action, and conducting powerful and compelling research.

Guiding Principles for Policymakers

Every year, the General Assembly makes hundreds of decisions that affect the lives of children and families. NC Child recommends that legislators use the following principles to guide their decision-making:

EHealthy Children_purplensure the health and safety of all children.

All children should grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing homes and communities. All children should have access to adequate food, shelter, and medical care.

IFamily Economic Security_purplenvest in the future

The future prosperity of our state depends upon the healthy development of our children. We know the ingredients that lead to successful outcomes for children: strong families, a rigorous education, access to health care, and economic stability.

 A Strong Start_purpleStrengthen and modernize critical infrastructure.

Over the past several decades, North Carolina has built critical infrastructure that supports the healthy development of children and families in the areas of public schools, early childhood education, and health care. Now is the time to strengthen and modernize these institutions.