NC Child strives to ensure that every child in North Carolina, regardless of race, ethnicity, or geography, has the best possible opportunity to reach his or her full potential. NC Child promotes public investments and policies that support children’s positive development and ensure the future prosperity of our state.


A Strong Start

The first 2,000 days of a child’s life have a lasting impact on later learning, health, and success.


Health & Wellness

Healthy children perform better in school and in life. All children need access to high-quality and affordable health insurance, preventive health care, a medical home, and specialized services when necessary.


Nurturing Homes & Communities

Children thrive when they grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing environments.



Family Economic Security

Children living in financially secure families are more likely to succeed in school, stay healthy, and achieve economic self-sufficiency as adults.


High-Quality Education

High quality education, from pre-kindergarten through college and beyond, provides children with the best opportunity for long-term life success.