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By Rob Thompson

Primary elections are coming up fast in North Carolina on May 8th. Candidates are out stumping at community events across the state – giving you the opportunity to learn more about these folks who want to serve as your representatives in government. Here are three questions you can ask every candidate for legislative and statewide offices about what they plan to do for children and families in North Carolina.

You can customize these questions with data about your county by checking out NC Child’s 2018 County Data Cards.

  1. More than half of 3- and 4 year-olds in North Carolina are not enrolled in school. High-quality early childhood education is proven to boost success in school and high school graduation rates.  What is your plan to ensure access to high-quality early childhood education for more children under age five?
  1. More than half of North Carolina’s children live in poor or near-poor homes. Growing up in poverty increases the likelihood of children’s exposure to a wide range of adverse experiences that negatively impact brain development, and can lead to poor health and educational outcomes. What policies will you focus on to help struggling families make ends meet and provide opportunity for their children?
  1. Research shows that when parents have health insurance, they have healthier babies, and they are better able to stay healthy to work and care for their children. More than 200,000 adults in North Carolina fall into the “gap” between earning too little to afford health insurance, but earning too much to qualify for Medicaid. What will you do to close the gap to make sure that parents have access to health insurance as well as their children?

Put May 8 on your calendar, and make sure that you take a friend and vote in the upcoming primary election. Need more info about where to vote, or what’s on your ballot? The State Board of Elections has what you need to know.

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