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NC Child has reviewed the House and Senate budget proposals with respect to issues affecting children’s health, education, and safety. We respectfully make the following comments and recommendations for items in contention in the House and Senate budget proposals.

State budgets for children give a glimpse of a state’s future—over a period of not so very many years, the strength and viability of a state will mirror the health and wellbeing of its youngest people. As the primary instrument of state policy, North Carolina’s budget for its 2.3 million children is a strong indicator of the quality of life that will unfold around us, whether or not we are parents ourselves.

For the 2.3 million young citizens who are counting on us to make smart investments in their future, and in North Carolina’s future, we urge you to consider these recommendations and make the best possible budget for children in our state.

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Download: Recommendations for 2016 State Budget Conferees

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