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Proposal Fails to Invest in Key Child-Serving Programs 

Raleigh, NC Deborah Bryan, president and CEO of Action for Children North Carolina, released the following statement regarding the Senate budget:

“The Senate budget proposes continued cuts to critical programs that support children’s growth and development, and endangers North Carolina’s ability to secure the fundamentals of a strong state economy–a well-educated future workforce, healthy citizens and safe communities.

In spite of evidence that dedicating state resources to education improves child well-being and future success, the Senate proposal reduces the number of available pre-K slots, increases class sizes, reduces funding for instructional support personnel like teachers’ aides and would leave our children less prepared to fill the state’s growing skills gap. These changes would mean fewer at-risk students will get the resources they need to start school ready to learn, thrive once they are in the classroom and access individual attention that can help struggling students catch up with their peers. 

Child-serving programs in North Carolina have sustained deep cuts in recent budget years. North Carolina cannot afford to continue to fail to make appropriate investments in its future.”

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