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We believe that Governor McCrory shares our goal of providing all children with the opportunity to achieve their full potential and we are pleased to see that his proposed budget includes a needed increase in teacher pay.

However there is room for the legislature to improve upon the Governor’s proposal to ensure the health and safety of North Carolina’s children.

Over the past several years, investments in children and families have declined, despite the increased need. Funding for many essential services like NC Pre-K, which prepares children to start school ready to learn, and Early Intervention, which supports infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities, remain below pre-recession levels. Just as companies reinvest in themselves during periods of recovery to promote long-term growth, policymakers must rebuild investments in the very engine that drives the state’s future prosperity: children and families.

We look forward to working with the Governor and legislators to craft a budget proposal that ensures all children have the opportunity to thrive.

Contact Rob Thompson with questions or for additional comments–919-649-2449.

PDF Press Release: Response_to_gov_budget

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