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NC Child Legislative Update: Mar. 9-13

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After two weeks of winter weather slowed legislative operations to a halt, the General Assembly has picked up steam. Even the Senate has begun to release legislation from lockdown in the infamous Rules Committee. See below for a rundown of what’s moving.


HB158, Jim Fulghum Teen Skin Cancer Prevention Act — This bill would ban the use of tanning beds by teens under the age of 18. The bill passed the House Health Committee yesterday and is scheduled for a vote in the full House next week. The Senate companion bill (SB125) has been referred to the Senate Health Committee, which is a very positive development.

SB81, NC Toxic Free Kids ActThis bill was introduced by Sen. Stan Bingham and would ban three toxic chemicals from children’s products, bisphenol A (BPA), TRIS flame retardants, and phthalates. The bill has been referred to the Senate Commerce Committee with serial referrals to Senate Health and Appropriations. That’s a lot of committees, but at least it’s out of Rules.

SB114, Custodial Parent/Party Cooperate w/ Child Suppport  (House Companion Bill: HB120) — This bill requires the DHHS Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) and the Division of Social Services (DSS) to develop a plan requiring a custodial parent or other person with primary custody of a child receiving Child Care subsidy payments to cooperate with county Child Support services programs as a condition of receiving child care subsidy payments. The bill passed the Senate Health Committee and will be heard next in the Senate Judiciary I Committee.

SB272, Eliminate Personal Ed. Plans — This bill would eliminate personal education plans. It has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.

HB134, Soliciting Prostitution/Immunity for Minors — This bill provides immunity to any minor suspected of or charged with soliciting as a prostitute. The bill passed the House yesterday. 

HB187 / SB238, Stalking by GPS/Criminal Offense — This bill makes it illegal to place a GPS device on a vehicle to track their location. Evidently, there’s a very disturbing phenomenon of stalkers using GPS devices to track teenage victims to secluded locations. The house bill has been referred to the Judiciary II Committee and the senate bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.

S286, Regulate the Sale of E-Liquid Containers — This bill requires that all liquid products that are intended to be vaportized have child proof packaging and a warning label. The bill is meant to combat a spate of poisonings from children ingesting E-cigarette refills.

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