So what is child advocacy really all about?

Every day, people in positions of power, including local, state, and federal policymakers, make decisions that have profound impacts on the lives of children. Our job as professional advocates for children is to ensure that these decisions improve the lives of children. This is what child advocacy means for NC Child.

What are some of NC Child’s goals?

  • To energize and inspire people to make a difference in the lives of children and young people.
  • To increase investments in children, making cost-saving prevention the keystone of state policies and practices.
  • To encourage policymakers to invest limited resources in preventing problems among children rather than paying for more costly interventions after the problems have developed.
  • To ensure that state investments have measurable, recognizable impact.
  • To support community coalitions and other groups around the state who are working to achieve similar goals.
  • To inform and influence the public policy debate.
  • To provide timely, accessible, and credible data to policymakers, community leaders, media, key business interests, parents, grassroots advocates, and others.

How does NC Child reach its goals?

NC Child employs several strategies to achieve its goals:

  1. Research and Data Analysis – NC Child conducts rigorous policy and data analysis to provide the public and policymakers with sound information on which to base policy decisions.
  2. Direct Advocacy – NC Child staff directly lobby elected officials and other decision-makers to ensure that policy decisions promote the health and well-being of children and families.
  3. Community Engagement – NC Child seeks to provide all North Carolinians with meaningful opportunities for engaging with the civic process and taking action for children.
  4. Public Education – NC Child educates the public about child well-being and public policy through social media, community events, working with the press, and several other outreach strategies.

How is NC Child different from service providers or government agencies?

Community programs and most agencies typically provide a particular service, like child care or speech therapy, to a specific group of people. These organizations and programs are essential but can only reach those children and youth enrolled in them.

NC Child’s work is different. NC Child works to alter the ways communities and systems operate to improve the lives of all children and families, whether they are enrolled in a program or receiving services from an agency or not.

Why does North Carolina need NC Child?

Our future prosperity depends on the healthy development of our children, and NC Child is the only independent, multi-issue child advocacy organization in the state. We advocate on behalf of children in the halls of the legislature and in other forums where children would otherwise have no voice. We make sure that parents and families have the support of their communities and state.

What’s the difference between NC Child, Action for Children NC, and the Covenant with North Carolina’s Children?

On January 1, 2014, Action for Children NC and the Covenant with North Carolina’s Children merged to create NC Child. Click here to read more about the history of NC Child, Action for Children NC, and the Covenant with NC’s Children.