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April is a big month for youth justice, with legislation such as the Youth Offenders Rehabilitation Act (HB 725) to raise the age of juvenile jurisdiction from 16 to 18 for misdemeanors and PREA Compliance (HB 585) to require compliance to federal PREA standards in all jails and prisons.

We need you to take a stand for youth justice to advance these efforts. Join us on April 17 as we ask legislators to “Choose Children” as they consider crucial legislation on youth justice in our state.

However, none of these critical policy commitments or changes is possible without YOU who are able to educate and engage legislators on these issues. That is why we need you to register for this year’s Child and Family Day to help bring about positive change for our state’s youth.

Beyond attending Child and Family Day, we also need you to take part in important events occurring on Child and Family Day.

The House Judiciary B Subcommittee will revisit HB 217—the bill that places sole discretion of juvenile transfers for certain felonies into the hands of prosecutors and away from judges. This committee will meet at 10am in Room 421 in the Legislative Office Building. Show up and show your support your opposition to juvenile transfers in HB 217.

Representative Marilyn Avila and other legislators will be holding a press conference on Raise the Age at 1:30pm in the Legislative Press Room. We invite and encourage you to attend this press conference to show the strength of the Raise the Age movement. Join policymakers, parents, youth, and advocates in sending the message that 2013 is THE year to raise the age in North Carolina—our children can’t wait.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at these events at the General Assembly on April 17!

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