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By Whitney Tucker 

In the last decennial Census, more than 25,000 young children in North Carolina were missed. The majority of those were children from Black, Latinx and immigrant households. Children living in foster care were also often missed. That meant a decade of huge losses for North Carolina communities, from child care funding to new business openings.  

Every one of us has a role to play to make sure young children are counted in the 2020 Census. Here are three easy steps you or your organization can take right now: 

1. Use posters and handouts in your facility.

If you serve families with young children in your community, start spreading the word now! The Census Bureau has created great posters and postcards to help folks understand that babies and young children need to be counted in the Census. You can download and print your own copies. If you can’t print your own, contact NC Child and we’ll send you a stack of postcards to hand out.  

2. Use social media. 

Use your social media channels to make sure your followers know about the Census. NC Child has created a social media toolkit to help our Child Advocacy Network partners reach parents of young children with effective messages. To make a big impact, post at least one Census message on your Facebook page every week through April!  

Is a weekly post too big of a commitment? Then just share this video on your Facebook page right now – and tag your friends who care for & work with young children! 

3. Get young children involved. 

toddler playing in a playhouse tube

There are great early childhood resources to teach kids about the Census and ensure they bring the message home to their parents.  

Want to learn more? Check out NC Child’s Census Campaign page for trainings, FAQ’s, and more.  

Many people don’t know why the Census is so important. Others are concerned about whether their privacy will be protected. You are a critical voice. As a “trusted messenger,” you can help spread the word that the Census is incredibly important for our communities, and that participation is safe and easy. Thank you for helping to make every child count in North Carolina! 

Whitney Tucker is NC Child’s Research Director 

Support NC Child’s efforts to make every child count in the 2020 Census – donate today. 

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