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1. Overwhelmingly, high-wage states are states with a well-educated workforce. There is a clear and strong correlation between the educational attainment of a state’s workforce and median wages in the state. (Economic Policy Institute)

2. Teens explain how to access Children’s Health Insurance through NC Health Check and NC Health Choice in this fun video created by YES! Youth Empowered Solutions. (Healthy and Ready to Learn)

3. The safety net supports, rather than discourages, work for families on welfare. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

4. Advocates are pushing for common sense reform to raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction from 16 to 18 in New York. If they are successful, North Carolina would be the only state in the country that continues the outdated practice of prospecuting 16- and 17- year olds as adults. (Long Island News)

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