When children thrive, we all benefit from a well-educated workforce, safer communities, and a more prosperous economic future.

nccai_indexphotos070NC Child believes all children should have equal access to these essential building blocks:

  • Growing up in safe, stable, and nurturing homes and communities;
  • Living in economically secure homes with their basic needs met;
  • Having access to high-quality physical and behavioral health care;
  • Receiving an effective pre-kindergarten education (0–5 years old) and K–12 education;
  • Having the opportunity to become successful, self-supporting adults.

NC Child’s Mission

The mission of NC Child is to advance public policies that improve the lives of North Carolina’s children. We work statewide to ensure all children are healthy, safe, well-educated, and economically secure by engaging communities, and informing and influencing decision-makers.

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