Action for Children NC is now NC Child: The Voice for North Carolina’s Children. Our website is currently under construction and should be ready this May. In the meantime, you can find all of our publications and data products by clicking on the research and data tab below.

About Us

On January 1, 2014, Action for Children NC merged with the Covenant with NC's Children to create a new organization called NC Child: The Voice for North Carolina's Children. Check back here regularly for updates on the new organization, including a new logo and website.


NC Child is a statewide, independent, non-partisan, non-profit child advocacy organization, dedicated to educating and engaging all people across the state to ensure that our children are healthy, safe, well-educated and have every opportunity for success.

Our Goals

NC Child is helping to create a North Carolina where:

  • All children (0-21) will be healthy.
  • All children (0-21) will be safe in their homes, schools and community.
  • All children (0-21) will have economic security.
  • All children (0-21) will be provided the opportunity and resources to succeed in their education.

NC Child will:

  • Increase the public’s will to improve outcomes for children and youth (0-21) and develop and sustain a comprehensive, statewide and effective child advocacy system.
  • Increase the research-based, data-driven, best practices capacity and knowledge of state and local, public and private, child and family-serving organizations across North Carolina.
  • Increase the collaborative capacity of stakeholders at the state and county levels to improve measurable outcomes for children and youth.
  • Be financially sound and accountable, and be recognized as a key leader in NC’s efforts to improve outcomes for children.

Our Strategies

NC Child employs seven main strategies in pursuit of these goals, including: 

  • Applied Research & Data:  NC Child continuously analyzes the current data and research on child well-being and presents it in user-friendly format for policymakers, advocates and the general public.
  • Communications & Media Advocacy:  NC Child works with the media to educateNorth Carolinians about how children in our state are faring and how we can improve their lives.
  • Outreach:  NC Child provides technical assistance to communities statewide on how to use data and research to improve conditions for children and young people.
  • Convening/Facilitating:  NC Child brings together partner organizations to pool knowledge and coordinate public policy approaches.
  • Education: NC Child informs law makers and community advocates of public policies and programs that benefit children and young people.
  • Organizing: NC Child stimulates local and state-level action by serving as a catalyst and source of information.
  • Technology:  NC Child uses the latest technology to keep lawmakers, community advocates and the general public fully up-to-date on issues affecting children.

Wins for children happen because of advocacy

Today, thanks in part to NC Child's leadership:

  • More of our children have health insurance than at any other time in our state’s history.
  • More parents can work full-time to support their families, knowing their children are in dependable child care.
  • More of our disadvantaged young people are receiving the community-based services they need to flourish.
  • More of our teenagers are safe on the roads, thanks to graduated drivers’ license and cell phone laws.

Wins for children like these do not happen by accident. Wins for children like these do not happen by accident.  They result from advocacy.

They result from advocacy — when skilled professionals backed by caring individuals show policymakers that policy can and should act to keep children safe and set the stage for success in life.  Advocacy means publishing research, working with media, and providing data and evidence to keep children’s issues on the radar screen of the state’s policymakers.

By pooling our resources to adopt state policy on the side ofNorth Carolina’s children, we can make a bigger difference for children as a group. Rather than working one child at a time, our advocacy improves conditions for ALL children.

NC Child depends upon the support of foundations, corporations and individuals to make our work possible. Please consider making a donation. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Rob Thompson, Director of Communications and Network at 919-834-6623 x228 or

To learn more about who we are and what we do, please click below.

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